Inkster Family Crest

Inkster Family CrestThe Scottish surname Inkster is of patronymic origin being derived from the Norse personal name Ingsgar. The Inkster family descended from Viking Settlers in ancient Scotland, specifically Ingsgar a Viking chieftain who settled in the Shetland Islands in the 9th Century. A notable bearer of the name Inkster was George T.Inkster (1848-1901) the Canadian born American pioneer in the Red River Valley of present day North Dakota for whom Inskster, North Dakota is named for. He was of Scottish descent. Recordings from London Church Registers include: the christening of Catherine Inkster on October 26th 1760, at St. George in the East, Stepney, and the marriage of Grace Inkster and John Harris on September 13th 1680, at St. Katherine by the Tower. 

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