The English surname Jarrell, also found as a variant spelling Jerrell, is of Norman French origin and was brought to Britain following the 11th Century Norman invasion. The name is of locative origin from either a village in the departement of La Manche in Northern France called Gerville, or from another village called Gerponville in Seine-Inferieure. Early examples of the surname recordings in what may be described as 'modern spellings' include Mary Jarrall at St Antholins church, in the city of London, on June 9th 1551, Henry Garvill who was christened at St Margaret's Westminster on December 1st 1616, and Thomas Garwell who married Charlotte Mason at St Lukes Finsbury, on July 12th 1770. The first US recordof the name is Thomas Jarrell who arrived in Virginia in 1658. Today there are approximately 13,000 bearers of the name Jarrell in the US.

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