Jimenez Family Crest

Jimenez Family CrestThe Spanish surname Jimenez is a patronymic name, derived from the medieval personal name Jimeno, which is of pre-Roman origin. The first recorded reference to the name is Christobal Ramirez Ximenez, who was born in  Seville, Spain on July 1st 1537. Other early Spanish records of the name include Ximenez de Pastrana, at Berbinzana, Navarra, Spain, on March 5th 1576, and Rosa Gabriel Jimenez at Nuestra Senora de la Antigua, Valladolid, on April 5th 1596. Francisca Gimenez married Elicia Garcia de la Pena at Jarandilla, Cerceres, Spain, on November 19th 1621. Find this crest on jewelry today.

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