Langlois Family CrestThe French surname Langlois is an ethnic name for an Englishman, from the French term  anglais meaning “English(man),” with the definite article ‘l’. The name is recorded in France as early as the 15th Century. Huguenot settlers brought the name to England in the 17th Century. These Huguenots created their own churches mainly in London, and the first examples of this surname are taken from the surviving registers. These examples include Nicholas Langlois, christened at the French church, Threadneedle Street, London, on January 20th 1633, and Michell L'Anglois, a witness at the same church on February 22nd 1685. The first record of the name in the New World was Jean Almene Langlois wo arrived in Louisiana from France in 1718. Today there are approximately 7,500 bearers of the name Langlois living in the United States.

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