Lawrence family crestThe English, Scottish and Irish surname Lawrence is of patronymic origin, being derived from the Middle English and Old French personal name Lorens, Laurence (Latin Laurentius ‘man from Laurentum’, a place in Italy probably named from its laurels or bay trees). The name was borne by a saint who was martyred at Rome in the 3rd-century ad; he enjoyed a considerable cult throughout Europe. The first written reference to the name is in 1150 when Magister Laurentius, a cleric, is recorded in the "Episcopal Records of Glasgow", Scotland. One of the earliest settlers in the New World was Richard Lawrence, aged 20 yrs. He left London in January 1634, bound for the Barbados Island. There are 125,000 people with the last name Lawrence currently living in The United States.                                                                                               Lawrence family crest ring                                                                                                                                                                     LAWRENCE FAMILY CREST RING    
Lawrence family crest ring

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