Ledford family crestThe English surname Ledford, also found in Ireland, is an habitational name, probably from either of two places called Lydford, in Devon and Somerset. The first is named with the river name Lyd (from Old English hl¯de ‘noisy stream’) + Old English ford, i.e. ‘ford over the Lyd river’. Lydford in Somerset was named ‘ford over the noisy stream’, from Old English hl¯de + ford. Lydford in Devon is first recorded in the famous Anglo-Saxon Chronicles of the year 997 a.d. as Hyldanford, whilst Ludford in Lincoln was Ludesford in the Domesday Book of 1086. John Lodeford of Somerset in the historical register known as "Kirbys Quest" in the year 1273, John Lydford also recorded as Ledford and Ludford, applied for a marriage licence in the city of London in the year 1450, whilst William Ludford married Vertue Roker at Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, in 1669.

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