Littlefield Family CrestThe English surname Littlefield is an habitational name from any of various minor places named Littlefield, for example in Surrey and Berkshire, from the Old English terms l¯tel ‘little’ and feld ‘open country’. The first record of the name is in 1563 when Richard Littlefield was christened in Titchfield, Hampshire. On May 24th 1564, one William Littlefield was recorded in Odiham, Hampshire. A notable bearer of the name was the U.S. Civil War General Milton Smith Littlefield.The Coat of Arms for Littlefield is described in Burkes General Armoury as Vert on a chevron argent between three garbs or, as many boys' heads couped proper. Crest: On a garb or, a bird argent, in the beak an ear of wheat vert.

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