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The Scottish surname McCloud is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Leòid, a patronymic from a Gaelic form of the Old Norse personal name Ljótr meaning “ugly.” One of the earliest occurrences of the surname is of Gillandres MacLeod, in 1227.There are two recognized Scottish clans with the surname: Clan MacLeod, and Clan MacLeod of Lewis. The earliest record of a clan member from one of these two families, using a form of the surname MacLeod 9 McCloud is a more modern occurence ), occurs only as early as the 14th century.Two notable bearers of the name are Mary MacLeod (1569 - 1674), the Gaelic "Poetess of the Isles", whose poems were chiefly panegyrics of the MacLeods; and John McLeod (1777 - 1820), a naval surgeon and author, who was concerned in the capture of a French ship, and tried for piracy. Today there are approximately 15,000 bearers of the surname McCloud living in The United States.
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