McCully Family Crest

McCully family crest
The Irish and Scottish surname McCully, long established in southwestern Scotland and northern Ireland is of patronymic origin. The name McCully is an anglicized forms of the Gaelic surname Mac Cú Uladh, a patronymic from Cú Uladh  meaning “the hound of Ulster.” The first known recording is that of Thomas Maculagh, given in the records of the proceedings of the government of Scotland as being "del counte de Wyggetone" in the year 1296. This was when he gave his allegiance to the government of John Balioll known as "The Interregnum" of 1296, it being overthrown by Robert, The Bruce, in 1306. The family motto is VI ET ANIMO, meaning " Strength and courage ". Today there are approximately 3,000 bearers of the surname McCully living in The United States.

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