McGuigan Family Crest
The northern Irish and Scottish surname McGuigan is an anglicized form of theGaelic name Mag Uiginn meaning “son of the Viking” or Mac Guagáin, an altered version of Mag Eochagáin. The first recorded spelling of the family name is Conor MacGugyne, a follower of Hugh Roe O'Donnell recorded in 1602. In 1690 Hugh Magwygin was dettainted as a supporter of the exiled King James II, after the defeat at the Battle of the Boyne, whilst Willam MacGuckin, who was also the baron of Slane, 1837-1868, was famous in Victorian times for his exploration of the Orient. The name is first recorded in the US in 1807 and today there are approximately 3,500 bearers of the name there.

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