Merrill family crestThe Scottish, Irish and English surname Merrill is an habitational name from any of several minor places named with the Old English elements myrige meaning “pleasant” and hyll meaning “hill.” When found in Scotland and Ireland it derives from the ancient Gaelic Muirgheal' of the pre 10th century, and translating as 'Sea-bright', although it is also claimed that as Mureil it was a Breton name brought to England by the Norman-French invaders of 1066. Early written records of the name or a variant include Walter Merel of Suffolk in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk in 1381, and Thomas Merells also of Suffolk in 1524. Today there are more than 32,000 bearers of the family name Merrill living in The United States.                                                                                                                                                                                   Merrill family crest ring     MERRILL RAISED FAMILY CREST RING

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