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Nixon Family Crest
The Irish, Scottish, and English surname Nixon is a patronymic name from the Middle English personal name Nik(k)e, a short form of Nicholas. The first written reference to the name is in 1309 when Robert Nikkesune is registered in the "Records of the Borough of Nottingham." The surname is widespread on both sides of the Scottish Border, with William Nycson occupying lands in the district of Ermyldoune, in Liddesdale, Scotland, in 1376. William Nykson was one of the "borowis" for the earl of Douglas's 'bounds of the West March' in 1398. The surname is also numerous in Ireland, established in counties Antrim and Fermanagh at the time of the Plantation of Ulster (1609). In The United States today there are over 36,000 people bearing the surname Nixon.
Nixon family crest ring

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