Noonan Family Crest
The Irish surname Noonan or O’Noonan is of patronymic origin  and is very numerous: mainly Munster and South East. The name Noonan in Gaelic, Ó Nuanáin, a corruption of  Ó h-Ionmhaineáin from ionmhain,  meaning “dear or beloved”. A sept or clan of  North County Cork, now numerous in  county Limerick. A notable bearer of the name is Michael Noonan the noted Irish politician. Today there are over 12,500 people with the family name Noonan living in The United States.                                                                 Noonan family crest cufflinks
                                 NOONAN FAMILY CREST CUFFLINKS                                                                                                  .                                                                          Noonan family crest pendant                                    NOONAN FAMILY CREST PENDANT

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