Noone Family Crest
The Irish Surname Noone is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó Nuadháin meaning ”‘descendant of Nuadhán.” The personal name  Nuadhán is derived from Nuadha, the name of an ancient Celtic god. The Noone’s were a sept  of the Uí Fiachrach in Sligo, today they are primarily found in neighboring counties Mayo and Galway. In the census of 1847, of 300 families of Noone in Ireland, 147 were in Galway and 50 each in neighboring  Mayo and Roscommon, the remainder  spread among the remaining 29 counties. The name Noone was established in America in the 19th Century. Today there are approximately 2,500 bearers of the surname Noone living in The United States.

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