Norman family crest
The English surname Norman, also found in Ireland and Scotland, is a name that was originally given either to a Scandinavian or to someone from Normandy in northern France. The term gained a new use from 1066 onwards, when England was settled by invaders from Normandy, who were likewise of Scandinavian origin but by now largely integrated with the native population. The name is first recorded in England in 1171 when Hugo Norman is recorded in the “ Pipe Rolls for Wiltshire.” The name was introduced into Ireland by settlers from Normandy in the 12th Century, and is most frequently found in counties Dublin, Cork, Kildare and Donegal. The earliest record of the name in the New World is in 1623 when Richard Norman arrived in New England. Today there are approximately 65,000 bearers of the name Norman living in the United States.

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