Oliphant Family Crest
The Scottish surname Oliphant is of Old French origin, introduced into England, and later, Scotland, after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The early forms of the name, Olifard and Oliphard, clearly suggest a derivation from the Old French "olif", olive-branch, with the intensive suffix "-ard", used as a nickname or byname for a peace-loving, gentle person. The name was established early in Scotland, by a family of Norman origin who settled first in Northamptonshire and Hampshire, David Olifard, godson of David 1 of Scotland, being the first recorded bearer; he was granted lands in Roxburghshire. Today there are approximately 6,000 people with the family name Oliphant living in The United States.
Oliphant clan crest
Oliphant family crest ring

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