Page family crestThe English surname Page, also found in Scotland and Ireland, is a status name for a young servant, from the Middle English and Old French term page (from Italian paggio, ultimately from Greek paidion, diminutive of pais meaning “boy, or child”). The surname is also common in Ireland (especially Ulster and eastern Galway), having been established there since the 16th century. The first written reference to the name is in 1230 when Ralph Page is registered in the "Pipe Rolls of Devonshire." Recordings from Leicestershire Church Registers include: the marriage of Margery Page and William Webster on May 21st 1541, at Loughborough; the christening of Barbara, daughter of Thoma Page, on October 29th 1574, at South Kilworth; and the marriage of Dunstone Page and Margery Norton on July 25th 1584, at Thurcaston-cum-Cropston. Thomas Page, with his wife and two children were some of the earliest settlers in the New World Colonies, leaving London on the "Increase", bound for New England in April 1635. Today there are 80,000 bearers of the name Page in the US.

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