Parrish Family CrestThe English surname Parrish, mainly found in southern England, is derived from the Old French habitational name and personal name Paris. Parrish is the most common form of the name in English. The personal name Paris is actually an Old French variant of Patrice (see Patrick), but which became associated with the name of the Trojan prince Paris in Homer’s Iliad. The first reference to the name in English records is Lotyn de Paris of the county of Lincolnshire. He appears in the Hundred Rolls for the year 1273. Early examples of recordings include: Willemus de Parysch in the Poll Tax rolls for Yorkshire in the year 1379, and the christening of Winnifride Parrish on October 1st 1602, at the Holy Trinity in the Minories. In the earliest registers of the New England colonies, Thomas Parrish was recorded as living in "Elizabeth Cittie, Virginiea", on February 16th 1623.

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