Pollard family crestThe English surname Pollard has two distinct origins, firstly it is  a nickname for a person with a close-cropped head, from the Middle English word "poll" meaning "the head" plus the intensive suffix "-ard". The term pollard, denoting an animal that has had its horns lopped, is not recorded until the 16th Century. Hence, a more likely source for the name is the medieval personal name "Polhard", a derivative of "Paul", which seems to have been pronounced "Poll" by the end of the 12th Century, plus the element "-hard", strong, brave. It is interesting to note that one Pollardus Forestarius appears in the 1207 Pipe Rolls of Gloucestershire, and in 1275, one Stephanus filius (son of) Pollard is recorded in the Hundred Rolls of Kent. Notable bearers of the name include Sir Hugh Pollard (died 1666), a royalist employed in Devon and Cornwall in the civil war, later becoming governor of Guernsey and comptroller of Charles II's household. There are 42,000 people with the last name Pollard living in The United States today.

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