Pomeroy Family CrestThe English surname Pomeroy, found chiefly in Dorset and Devon, is ultimately of Norman French origin and was brought to England by settlers following the 11th Century Norman invasion. The name Pomeroy is of French locational origin from any of the following places in France, La Pommeraye, in Calvados and Seine-Inferieure, or Saint Sauveur La-Pommeraie in La Manche, which received their name from the old French "Pommeroie", meaning apple orchard, from the Latin word "pomum", apple. The surname dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086. Samson de la Pumeray was recorded in the Curia Rolls of Oxfordshire in the year 1200, while the Assize Court Rolls of Somerset in 1225, mentions one Henry de la Pomereie. One Robert Pomeroy appears in the 1327 Subsidy Rolls of Somerset. The name found widespread in Devon can be traced to Ralph de la Pomerai, a close associate of William the Conqueror, whose family lived for over 500 years in the castle of Berry Pomeroy, near Totnes, Devon.

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