Pugh Family CrestThe Welsh surname Pugh is an anglicized form of the Welsh  ap Hugh or ap Huw meaning “son of Hugh.” The male personal name "Hugh" was introduced into Britain by the Normans in the form of "Hu(gh)e", after the Conquest of 1066. In origin "Hugh" is a short form of any of the various Germanic compound names with the first element "hug", heart, mind, spirit, such as "Howard", or "Hubert". One John Apew is recorded in the "Peacock's Army list of Roundheads and Cavaliers" of 1642. William Pugh and Martha Whiting were married at St. James's, Dukes Place, London, on the May 22nd 1688. Ellis Pugh (1656 - 1721) immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1686, where he published the first Welsh book printed in America in 1721. Today there are approximately 40,000 bearers of the name Pugh living in the US.

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