Seely Family CrestThe English surname Seely is a nickname for a person with a cheerful disposition, from the Middle English term seely meaning “happy, or fortunate” The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Seli, which was dated circa 1200, in the "Gilbertine Charters of London." On October 3rd 1566, Isaak, son of Nicholas Seeley, was christened at Holy Trinity in the Minories, London, and William Seely, aged 29 yrs., was an early settler in the New World Colonies, leaving London on the "Alexander", bound for the Barbados in May 1635. A notable namebearer was Sir John Robert Seeley (1834 - 1895), who was chief classical assistant at the City of London School in 1859, and was professor of modern history at Cambridge from 1869 - 1895. A notable bearer of te name was the 19th Century British industrialist and politician Sir Charles Seely. 

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