Seldon Family CrestThe English surname Seldon is an habitational name from Seldon in Hatherleigh, Devonshire or from Selden Farm in the parish of Patching, Sussex, probably so called from Old English s(e)alh ‘willow’ + denu ‘valley’. The first written reference to the name is in 1199 when Roger de Seldon is registered in “The Pipe Rolls of Warwickshire.” One, Ansell de Seledon appears in the Warwickshire County Rolls, dated 1272, and a William de Selkedon in the 1296 'Subsidy Rolls of Sussex'. On April 3rd 1542 Elizabeth Seldon, an infant was christened in Exeter, Devon, and on August 10th 1561 one, Ales Seldon was christened in Hatherleigh. John Selden, the famous lawyer and jurist, (1584 - 1654), is associated with West Tarring, Sussex. 

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