Sharkey Family CrestThe Irish name Sharkey is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name
Ó Searcaigh meaning “descendant of Searcach” a Gaelic name meaning “beloved.” The name originated in County Tyrone, and is now to be found located in considerable numbers in various parts of the northern half of Ireland, chiefly in counties Roscommon, Donegal and Louth. Records of the name include the marriage of Philip Sharkey and Mary McGuire on November 4th 1787, at Dunleer, County Louth, and the marriage of Margaret Sharkey and Patrick Croaghan on August 23rd 1789, at Templemichael, County Longford. Anne Sharkey, aged 25 yrs.,departed from Liverpool aboard the "Jane", bound for New York, in May 1845. Today there are approximately 8,000 bearers of the name Sharkey in the United States.

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