Smiley Family CrestThe English, Scottish and northern Irish surname Smiley is of uncertain origin; probably a variant spelling of Smillie, but perhaps a habitational name, a variant of Smalley, or a nickname from Middle English smile meaning “smile, or grin.” It is thought that the name Smiley was introduced into Scotland by an Englishman from "Smalley" in Derbyshire. The name "Smalley" appears early in Scottish records in the form of one "Ricardus Smaley", a witness in the Glasgow Church Registers of circa 1280 - 1290. Examples of church recordings include Alexander Smelley at the church of St. Mary Somerset on April 12th 1574, Simon Smiley at St. Margarets, Westminster, on September 11th 1681, and Margaret Smellie, at St. Dunstans, Stepney, on October 5th 1648.

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