Snow Family Crest

 Snow family crestThe English surname Snow, also found in Ireland, is of nickname origin denoting someone with very white hair or an exceptionally pale complexion, from the Old English term snaw meaning “snow.” The first recorded spelling of the family name is probably that of Richard Snow, which was dated 1221. He was a witness in the "Assize Court" of Worcestershire." Additional early references include Robert Snow, in the tax register known as "The Feet of Fines" for the county of Suffolk in 1239, Henry Snou in the Hundred Rolls of Buckinghamshire in 1273, and Gilbert Snawe, in the Subsidy Rolls of Essex in 1339. Church Recordings include: Nicholaus Snow who married Katharine Harwoode, on May 10th 1559, at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster. The name is first found in the New World in 1620 when Nicholas Snow settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Today there are approximately 46,000 bearers of the name Snow living in the United States. 

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