Sutton Family Crest

Sutton family crestThe English surname Sutton, also found in Ireland, is an habitational name from any of the  numerous places called Sutton. The place name Sutton is derived  from the Old English terms  suð meaning “south” and  tun meaning “enclosure, and settlement.” The name is first recorded in 1086 when Ketel de Sudtone is registered in the Domesday Book of Lincolnshire. The surname appears a number of times in the 1379 Poll Tax Records of Yorkshire as "de Sutton", the "de" prefix meaning "of". Interesting name bearers include Oliver Sutton (deceased 1299) bishop of Lincoln, 1280 - 1299, who joined Archbishop Winchelsey in resisting the taxation imposed by Edward 1 in 1296.                                                                                                                                         

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