Swift Family Crest

Swift Family CrestThe Irish surname Swift, also found in England, is an anglicized form of the  Gaelic name  Ó Fuada meaning “descendant of Fuada,” a personal name from fuad meaning “haste.” When found in England the name Swift is a nickname for a rapid runner, from the Middle English term  swift meaning “fleet.” In Ireland the name is originally found in county Mayo in the west of Ireland. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Swift, which was dated 1167, in the "Pipe Rolls of Hampshire."The most famous bearer of the name was Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745), grandson of Thomas Swift, the royalist vicar of Goodrich. He was dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin and a famous satirist, who wrote "Gulliver's Travels." 

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