Townsend Family Crest

Townsend Family CrestThe English surname Townsend, also found in Ireland and Scotland, is a topographic name for someone who lived at the extremity of a village, from the Middle English toun meaning “village, or settlement” and  ende meaning “end.” The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey de le Tuneshende, which was dated 1273, "The Subsidy Rolls of Norfolk." Further recordings include one Richard atte Tounende (1297), "Ministers' Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall", and William atte Townesend (1327), "The subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire".Jone Townsend married Edmond Bradley on June 20th 1540, at St. Martin Orgae and St. Clement Eastcheap, London.

Townsend family crest ring

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