Traynor Family Crest

Traynor Family CrestThe Irish surname Traynor, also found in Scotland and England,  is an occupational name for a trapper, from a derivative of the Middle English term
trayne, Old French traine meaning ‘guile’, ‘trickery’, ‘snare’, ‘trap’. Early examples of recording include in England Robert Treiner of County Durham in the year 1243, and Ann Traner, who married John Binckes at St Boltolphs, Bishopgate, in the old city of London, on July 8th 1604. In Ireland Ralph Traynor, the son of John and Elizabeth Traynor, was christened at the church of St Peter and St Kevin, Dublin, on March 16th 1701, whilst James Traynor, a farmer, aged 26 years, was a famine emigrant to America on May 15th 1846.

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