William de Rule became the first Turnbull when he saved the life of King Robert the Bruce at Stirling Park from a charging bull injured by the king while hunting. William, a large strong man, jumped in between the king and the angry bull, turning its head and breaking its neck. The gratified king dubbed his savior William Turn-E-Bull and gave him the first barony of the Bedrule area, held today by Wally Turnbull.The Turnbulls became a notorious Border Reiver clan seated at Bedrule Castle situated a few yards north east of the current Bedrule Kirk, at Fatlips Castle atop Minto Crags, and at Barnhill Castle at the base of the same crags. History records that the Turnbulls could quickly put 500 reivers into the saddle for one of their forays. In 1513, following success at Flodden, Lord Dacre led an English army of 5,400 north through the Rule Valley for further assault on a stricken nation. George Turnbull quickly rallied 700 Turnbulls, Kerrs, Douglases, and Scotts and defeated the invaders in the battle of Sclaterford. 
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