Venable Family Crest

Venable Family CrestThe English surname Venable is a Norman habitational name from a place called Venables in Eure, France, probably named with Late Latin venabulum meaning “hunting ground” (a derivative of venari ‘to hunt’). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Venables. This was dated circa 1200, in the Chartulary of Whalley Abbey, Lancashire. Additional early records include William de Venables in the Shropshire Hundred Rolls of 1275, and Thomas Venables, of Buckinghamshire, appears in the Register of the University of Oxford for 1616. The marriage of William Venables and Margaret Bryan was recorded at St. Gregory by St. Paul, London, on April 19th 1573. A notable bearer of the name was the 19th Century Virginia State Senator Abraham B. Venable. 

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