Walton Family Crest
The English surname Walton is an habitational name from any of the numerous places called Walton. The first element in these names was variously Old English walh meaning “foreigner,” w(e)ald meaning “forest,” or wælla meaning “spring, or stream.” The first recorded reference to the name is Odo de Wolton, who was registered in of "The Hundred Rolls" in the county of Oxford in 1273. Valentine Walton (1620 - 1661) was a son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell, and a signatory of the death warrant of King Charles 1st in 1649, whilst George Walton (1741 - 1804) was in 1776 a signatory of the American "Declaration of Independence". His grandfather had emigrated from England in 1682, although a John Walton is recorded in Virginia in 1623, an early settler. 
Walton family crest ring

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